SPEEDWELL  Fire Alarm Cable Clips and Saddles are available in RED, WHITE, BLACK and ORANGE color in a box of 100 pieces. They are used to fasten soft skin fire performance cables.

Materials: Copper, Metal clip with LSF (LSZH) Coating

Cable Size Bare Clip Covered Clip Bare Saddle Covered Saddle
2L1 BC20 LSFC26 BS202 LSFS272
2L1.5 BC22 LSFC28 BS222 LSFS302
2L2.5 BC26 LSFC32 BS272 LSFS342
2L4 BC30 LSFC37 BS302 LSFS382
3L1 BC22 LSFC28 BS242 LSFS302
3L1.5 BC24 LSFC30 BS272 LSFS342
3L2.5 BC28 LSFC34 BS302 LSFS342
4L1 BC24 LSFC30 BS272 LSFS342
4L1.5 BC28 LSFC34 BS302 LSFS342
4L2.5 BC32 LSFC37 BS342 LSFS422
7L1 BC30 LSFC37 BS302 LSFS382
7L1.5 BC32 LSFC40 BS342 LSFS422
7L2.5 BC37 LSFC43 BS382 LSFS462
1H10 BC28 LSFC34 BS302 LSFS342
1H16 BC32 LSFC37 BS342 LSFS422
2H1.5 BC30 LSFC37 BS342 LSFS382
2H2.5 BC34 LSFC40 BS342 LSFS422
3H1.5 BC32 LSFC37 BS342 LSFS422