In electrical engineering, the term ground or earth has several meanings depending on the specific application, areas. Ground is the reference point in an electrical circuit from which other voltages are measured, a common return path for electrical current (earth return or ground return), or a direct physical connection to the Earth. It was then discovered, probably by the German scientist Carl August Steinheil in 1836.


Benjamin Franklin is generally considered to be the farther of modern Lightning protection theory, His celebrated kite experiment proving for the first time that storm clouds generate, hold and discharge static electricity. Lightning is one of nature’s most powerful, destructive phenomena and discharges have been measured several thousand amps. Thus it is necessary to built cautionary robust lightning protection system.

Power Transmission And Utility

Power Transmission is movement of energy in form of electricity from one place to another or device and overhead lines is most economical form of to do so. It is usually desirable for a connector to be easy to identify visually, rapid to assembly and require simple method to install and inexpensive. Many times these connectors are purpose made and must be mechanically robust.


Electrical engineering has many subdisciplines, although there are electrical connectors who focus exclusively on one of these subdisciplines. Electrical connector is an electro-mechanical device for joining electrical circuits as an interface using a mechanical assembly. The connection may be temporary or permanent between wires and devices.

About Our Company

Since 1982, Speedwell Industries now known as SPEEDWELL TECHNOLOGY PVT LTD has earned the reputation as a Manufacturer of quality electrical components of Brass, Bronze, Copper, Steel and Aluminum especially for Grounding, Lightning Protection and Power Distribution system.

Our three production plants produces over 1200 product variations, ranging in various sizes of components that weigh few grams to a single casting that weighs over 10 kilograms.

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